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The Rendezvous Round-Up: Winter Festival 2021

March 5, 2021 | Posted by: Jill Pollack

There’s something that we like to joke about with those who first move to the Yukon; you’re not a true Yukoner until you live through your first winter. 

Of course, we welcome everyone with open arms, but there really isn’t anything like your first Yukon winter. The sun’s way lower and the temperatures are likely far below freezing. However, in true Yukon style, we make sure to get outside and celebrate the season at our annual Winter Rendezvous Festival.

Our community is very...we’ll say, passionate about the Winter Festival. And rightly so! It’s been part of the community for over 55 years, starting in 1945. Even the Yukon Commissioner, Angélique Bernard, puts out an official Proclamation each year to mark the start of Yukon Rendezvous Days. Who said living in the Yukon would be boring?

That first Yukon Carnival featured an entire week of sports and entertainment including the Dog Team Derby, Ski and Snowshoe Races, the International Hockey Game, and the Snowshoe Ski Ball Game—many of these activities are still celebrated today

Of course, this year looked a bit different for our festival as many of the in-person activities were postponed because of Covid-19. However, the festival organizers did a great job of hosting some in-person activities, including a few of my favourites including the parade and the ice carvings.

It was amazing to see the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Society pull through this crazy year, keeping the Rendezvous Festival an unbreakable tradition in the Yukon.

Jill Pollack, Yukon Mortgage Broker, celebrates the Winter Rendezvous Festival.

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